Testimonial from Steven James

My 91-year-old father has Peripheral Artery Disease in his legs which makes it hard for him to walk. He struggles to walk across the room and is loathe to use a cane or walker because he says they make him look "old." When I presented him with his new Switch Sticks Folding Stick he didn't even want to look at it. I left it on the couch, in the box, next to him and went about my business. I knew curiosity (and necessity) would get the best of him. A couple of hours later I returned and, sure enough, he was tooling around the house cane in hand.

I didn't want to make a big deal about it but I casually asked him how he liked the cane. He said "this is the kind I have been looking for." He liked it because it is very stylish and almost futuristic looking. He liked that it could be quickly disassembled and put away in the event a hot looking senior citizen lady crossed his path. It is a very sturdy cane and the hand grip is attractive and functional. The bottom has a secure grip that adheres to the floor without being sticky. I couldn't be happier that my dad has finally found a walking stick that meets his almost unreasonably high standards. This was no small feat. Switch Sticks has come up with a device that is attractive, comes in a multitude of colours and is easy to manipulate. A very, very good product. Highly recommended.