Splashy, playful and fun!

Award winning walking sticks and walking seats that will keep you moving in style

Award winning stylish walking sticks and seat sticks.

Quality you can depend on

Our walking sticks are made of the finest lightweight aluminium material to provide sturdy support up to 120kg. while making them light to carry.

Variety of designs

With over thirty unique designs in a variety of colours to match your personality and style there is a Switch Stick for everyone. If a walking stick is needed, why not select one that fits your individual style. 

Adjustable and foldable

Our walking sticks support a variety of heights. Our folding walking sticks adjust in 2.5 cm increments ranging from 81 cm to 94 cm walking stick height for those short or tall.


It is a very sturdy cane and the hand grip is attractive and functional. The bottom has a secure grip that adheres to the floor without being sticky. I couldn't be happier that my dad has finally found a walking stick that meets his almost unreasonably high standards. This was no small feat. Switch Sticks has come up with a device that is attractive, comes in a multitude of colours and is easy to manipulate. A very, very good product. Highly recommended.
This is a well-designed and well-made folding walking stick. It comes with a storage bag, a hook & loop strap to hold it in the folded position, and a sturdy wrist lanyard on the handle. It is height-adjustable to accommodate most users. It comes in at least 20 designs that should satisfy most customers. According to the manufacturer's web site, new designs are introduced twice a year.
I received the cane in "Poppies" colour which turned out to be beautiful, especially for a woman. It came with a water repellent bag so that when you fold it you have a nice pouch to carry it. This arrived just in time as I sprained my ankle and needed some support walking. I was pleasantly surprised at the good/high quality of this cane. I also liked that I could adjust it to my height (not very tall). I also liked that it was easy to fold and the velcro that keeps it closed. I highly recommend this cane for when you need something that is lightweight, pretty and useful.